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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

― C.G. Jung

‘What's underneath?'  During a systemic constellation we are able to get in contact with what has not yet been seen or acknowledged.

Systemic constellations can provide insights, clarity and healing regarding theme's like:

~ family-, relational disputes
~ physical illnesses of self or family members
~ letting trauma move through and work out of the body
~ stress-, burn-out
~ enquiry regarding work and/or entrepeneurship
~ etc.

When we continuously come across the same challenges in life or in that of our ancestral line, chances are there's something underneath that has not been seen and/or acknowlegded yet. 

These unseen parts of the familytree will keep influencing our journey until they are met with grace.
This will create space for our own life's journey and open the gateway to new possibilities. ahead.



Een systeemopstelling maakt onderdeel uit van het Drie Maanden traject.
Hierin zijn twee verschillende mogelijkheden:

  • één op één systeemopstelling in de praktijk.
  • een systeemopstelling met representanten

Deze Drie Maanden worden zodanig vormgegeven dat patronen
daadwerkelijk doorbroken kunnen worden.

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Drie Maanden traject

  • Intake en onderzoek
  • Helder krijgen hulpvraag en intentie
  • Systeemopstelling
  • Integratie en implementatie
  • Afronding traject